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It’s day 14 of the rewrites.

I tried writing something more deliberate and structured. I spent twice the allotted amount of time but was not able to come up with anything I liked. That’s usual of course. This exercise of forcing oneself to publish anything is what’s unusual.

I should pick something out of the Things Noticed section and elaborate on that. For example, I watched a TED talk about biofabrication. It explains the use of microorganisms to create fabric. It sounded like the beginning of a zombie movie. Also, one wonders about the effect this would have to forced labor in Uzbekistan. These are reasonable concerns.

The Uzbeks won’t be out of their jobs for a while because new technologies are expensive at first. Not that they earn anything by it. Enough for today.

This entry was a new low. I have completely forgotten about it. Having to read it again was torture. Much more rewriting and re-publishing the same. Tomorrow’s better be better.

Some things I noticed 02/07/2020:
  1. Laptop dead man switch
  2. talk on systemd-homed
  3. Stargate – History
  4. Dying of starvation while protecting a seed bank is poetry
  5. Capitalism is a race to the bottom
  6. Ego dissolution sounds like something that should happen rather regularly
  7. I listen to loads of podcasts.” Heh.

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