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It’s day 22 of the rewrites. This one I want to get over with today because I’m reading book. I have no words to explain why that is a reason but that is the reason.

I am not in the mood to delve into further bovine scatology in this post, so this one would go meta. I do not have intrusive thoughts that need dumping, because I had a good sleep.

Since I do not have anything to write about, the easy choice is to write about what I have already written. I try not to read my earlier posts. But before writing this I had to muck around the CMS settings to limit entries displayed in the homepage. So I had time to skim through some of the stuff. What a snoozefest! The use of the word fest around what I wrote even as sarcasm is an insult to the word.

But that’s the point. Normalcy is when nothing interesting happens. This writing exercise is a garbage dump. If there’s something valuable in the trash, why is it there? The purpose is to make space for any runoff process not garbage-collected by the brain. Writing it down kills it.

Timer’s up. Enough for today.

So much for not reading what you wrote, self that’s younger by a couple dozen days.

Some things I noticed 02/15/2020:
  1. Saliency-Aware Video Cropping
  2. Music Transformer machine-learning generated tune
  3. Reads more like MI5 is staffing.
  4. Streisand caused the effect named after her
  5. Impossible beyond meat
  6. The northern apes already won
  7. Half yellow half red half black
  8. MinPop 2020
  9. An explanation exists for this interview.
  10. You do so much yoga.

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