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blessed stone, iron of love, sacred leather

In all their writings (is mention made) of the tree of life, and a resurrection of the flesh by means of the ‘tree,’ because, I imagine, their teacher was nailed to a cross, and was a carpenter by craft; so that if he had chanced to have been cast from a precipice, or thrust into a pit, or suffocated by hanging, or had been a leather-cutter, or stone-cutter, or worker in iron, there would have been (invented) a precipice of life beyond the heavens, or a pit of resurrection, or a cord of immortality, or a blessed stone, or an iron of love, or a sacred leather! Now what old woman would not be ashamed to utter such things in a whisper, even when making stories to lull an infant to sleep?

Celsus as quoted by Origen
aléatoire 文法練習
  • 「さ」
    • 人生の長さは足りない。
    • この世で綺麗さを見ることが選びます。
  • 「がる」
    • 雨が降ったら土は臭がる。
  • 「かもしれない」
    • この言語練習で古くなるかもしれない。

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