in noticed-2020

Some things I noticed 05/11/2020:
  1. en medio de una gran turbulencia haya más oportunidades que riesgos
  2. 「レムデシビル」を新しいコロナウイルスの薬に認める
  3. この科学番組が楽しさみたいけど少ない単語だけ分かる。
  4. ペレルマンは辞退した。「証明が正しければ賞は必要ない。」「なんというやつだ!」
  5. breaking down the long haul into manageable and digestible chunks with a glimmer of hope to last until next extension
  6. 24 Oras: ABS-CBN bucks FICTAP’s claims on franchise renewal
  7. I sympathize with the hundreds who will lose their jobs but I’ll not mourn the passing of ABS-CBN” – F. Sionil Jose
  8. even if Duterte fashions himself as an enemy of oligarchs, isn’t it also true that he has a new set of oligarchs to replace the old?
  9. Behind every great fortune there is a crime
  10. April in Paris, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, Avalon Jazz Band in French

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