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Some things I noticed 05/24/2020:
  1. Casio drama
  2. Crazy ESP8266 Casio calculator mod using magnets as HID
  3. Push-button installer of macOS in Virtualbox
  4. Man at the Crossroads: Diego Rivera’s Mural at Rockefeller Center
    • “He had the hope that there would be a coming together of workers and industrialists and businessmen to further mankind in general”
    • “The leftist artist was taunted by those who felt he had sold out”
    • “If someone buys the Sistine Chapel, does he have the authority to destroy it?”
  5. Detroit Industry Murals
  6. Изоизоляция, Izoizolyacia, “Art Isolation” where bored Russians recreate art
  7. 今までの幸せとこれからの幸せが沢山詰まった夢をみました。とにかく幸せだった
  8. Man is condemned to be free.” Indeed.
  9. I’d rather be dry but at least I’m alive.

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