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Some things I noticed 06/22/2020:
  1. “To hurt is as human as to breathe.” — Albus Dumbledore on The Warlock’s Hairy Heart, The Tales of Beedle the Bard
  2. An Introduction to ArithmancyCalculatorPersonality Numbers
  3. Wirecard’s chief executive quit on Friday as the German payments firm’s search for $2.1 billion of missing cash hit a dead end in the Philippines
  4. Once we correct those problems, the O.A.S.’s results go away, leaving no statistical evidence of fraud.
  5. We’ve been working informally with various contributors, and would gladly support a close collaboration with Microsoft.”
  6. natural selection is still in its early design phase. birds have a big bipedalism headstart. they’ve been bipedal for 230 million years, we only 5 million
  7. by definition, absolute zero is [an] extrapolated value [anyway]
  8. Financial Headline Generator” 💡
  9. Kroll Process

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