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Some things I noticed 06/25/2020:
  1. We don’t know if this object is the heaviest known neutron star, or the lightest known black hole, but either way it breaks a record.
  2. The truth is that any movie made of this book, whoever made it, that had included the Quidditch subplot would have been a lesser film.
  3. I finished a new chapter yesterday, another one three days ago, another one the previous week. But no, this does not mean the book will be finished tomorrow.
  4. Facebook is announcing Forecast. Members can pose questions about the future, make predictions, and discuss and distill their knowledge into a single forecast.
  5. The heroic narrative means K-pop stans and TikTok teens are becoming to liberals what 4chan is to Trump supporters; Reality is more complicated.
  6. the US extended an ‘open invitation’ to Chinese officials to join the US and Russia in Austria this week, even though Beijing has long said it won’t sign on
  7. some people alleged that casualties on the Chinese side amounted to 40, I can tell you for sure that this is fake news
  8. PHL CHED Connect Platform contains higher education materials in various formats
  9. Efficient Open-Domain Question Answering
  10. どんなに苦しくても、僕はぜったいにあきらめない。
  11. I’m waking up I feel it in my bones enough to make my systems blow.
  12. Windows ALL Startup Sounds on Piano

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