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Some things I noticed 06/27/2020:
  1. A lot of big social media giants are falling out of favor, and it becomes cool again to own a space on the web rather than being one of a billion usernames.”
  2. is a console-oriented weather forecast service
    • curl
  3. convert a single RGB-D input image into a multi-layer representation that contains hallucinated color and depth structures in regions occluded in the original
  4. The entry should be 3 feet by 4 feet in either landscape or portrait orientation. Medium to be used must be oil or acrylic on canvas only.
  5. Financial crime professor fact checks money laundering scenes from movies and television
  6. This could be a lie told by Grindelwald to convince Credence to go after Albus.
  7. The softwoods and saplings and shrubs should die too.
  8. トマトは野菜といっても、実際には果物だ。
  9. FANGIRL by Herlyn Alegre
  10. on-hover timelapses

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