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Some things I noticed 07/10/2020:
  1. A Letter on Justice and Open Debate
  2. The time scale that we have to move is very short. Fame is a hack for time.
  3. Marcoleta is INC; This bloc-voting power is the King Maker; EVM waited long and hard for this
  4. I’m getting texts from people saying I’m spoiling too much right now [laughs], but I’m not worried about it because as of now there is no show.
  5. [Hamilton’s] romance distracts our attention from the fact that the Schuylers were one of the most notorious slave-owning families in New York state.
    • “Broadway audiences were not so much seeking hip-hop per se, but a version of hip-hop that allow white liberal audience to embrace blackness on their own terms”
  6. What you’ll get is a shiny new Linux app built with Flutter running on the latest stable version of GTK+.
  7. Making Ubuntu a rolling release
  8. Cemetery Worker, 2 Positions
  9. Cats vs Invisible Wall
  10. get_iplayer

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