Day five.

As with most recent things, what’s happening in South Triangle is a timed misdirection. It will muddy the news cycle at a moment when clarity is not useful. After serving its purpose, the whole ruckus will come to pass. To get something done, any thing, one can’t go wrong leaning unto entropy, before doubling back. Also, track 12 of Gloc-9’s Matrikula comes to mind.

During the Islamic Golden Age, scholars gathered and translated all the world’s knowledge. One could object saying that education is not all about the content. Sure. To the extent that the actual point of schools is to babysit children so parents could work, they do well enough.

“The State shall assign the highest budgetary priority to education.” This underrated part of the constitution should allow for PTV to be under DepEd. After all, why should education stop? Mongols came. They destroyed libraries at the Siege of Baghdad. Arabic numerals survived.

Learning seems like nudging boundaries. One might expect to be able to go back to where one has been before, having covered it all. But knowledge does not wrap around a sphere. The number of unknown unknowns a person can encounter has no bounds. Once born, a person can only be more stupid.

February 2006. 73 people died at the PhilSports stadium stampede. About 400 people got injured. Enough for today.

Some things I noticed 02/23/2020:
  1. Progress is simply # of iterations × progress between iterations.
  2. Breed two images to create new ones using neural nets
  3. Only the present is real, and even it isn’t
  4. God sits on his throne so he too has to have one
  5. Basically, variations on how to eat sunshine.
  6. Now I’m a believer!
  7. This beats using Ra in a mnemonic to remember 予
  8. Manuskript
  9. Slow start. Best possible ending.