I wrote a blanket statement yesterday claiming that humans write for self-reflection and now that I had time to think about it more I realize it is very seldom the case, at least explicitly. I mean, yes, maybe a reflection of the writer can always be gleaned from what the writer has written, but it does not follow that reflecting oneself through one’s writing is automatically the intention.

In fact, it is more often the case that people write in order to communicate with an audience and that writing as a self-reflection is just a subset of this activity, that is, when the intended audience of the writer is the self.

The idea of dying when falling asleep and being a different person after waking up is very appealing to somehow add to this, but I’m writing this entry rather late and the post is already getting too long, so I’d probably continue this train of thought for tomorrow, unless something more exciting comes up.

Enough for today.

Some things I noticed 01/06/2020
  1. someone built a bittorrent client in go explaining how it works. Big things are made up of small manageable pieces.
  2. how car brands got their name
  3. haven’t watched this recently but in relation to yesterday’s post regarding prompts it popped into mind, how different responses produced different outcomes
  4. everyone on F·R·I·E·N·D·S is perfectly matched
  5. RoTin New Year’s resolutions.