“Millennial socialism sees history as a struggle to control the memes of production”

— Bruno Maçães

Some things I noticed 06/12/2020:
  1. The search for universal values is over. All of us must accept that we speak only for ourselves and our societies.”
  2. the Philippine government veered from dismissing the threat to imposing an abrupt lockdown enforced by the military and the police
  3. while Muslim detainees were allowed to engage in religious observances, Mass was often broadcast by loudspeaker to both Catholic and non-Catholic populations
  4. To implement machine translation, a number of third-party services are involved; these are constantly working to improve the quality” 😅
  5. the company plans to eventually transition the entire Mac lineup to its Arm-based processors, including the priciest desktop computers
  6. A panther is usually a reference to the melanistic color phase of either a leopard or jaguar, depending on the location. [It] isn’t a specific kind of cat.
  7. The Webb telescope was to launch about a decade ago, with development cost of $1 billion. January report said current estimate $9.7 billion may be too low.
  8. Ganito pala yung lasa nung nirerespeto ka. Mas masarap sya dun kaysa sa mga ang seksi mo, hot mo.
  9. Your world, a cage. We tear its bars. Live fast, die hard. Defiant we proclaim our liberty. Riding against the tide into certain Death!
  10. Joey Ayala — Bagong Hinirang, Lupang Hinirang
  11. aiko —『花火』,『カブトムシ』🌸🐞
  12. つじあやの — 『風になる

Some things I noticed 04/17/2020:
  1. ganto ang mga dapat ipagmalaki o kahilian, hindi kung anu-anong fungible
  2. “Whatever’s happening here on Earth, the universe remains awesome.
  3. Mongolia to restore traditional alphabet by 2025
  4. Mongolian president’s personal website
  5. Levy does not need to be working an overnight shift to make ends meet, or even working — period.
  6. At the heart of the economy is the central bank. The ultimate backer of the currency, its budget is unlimited.”
  7. That’s four times faster shrinkage rate than during 1930s Great Depression
  8. “in pandemics — and soon in climate change — we may have found two functional equivalents of war
  9. “Conspiracy theories, portraying Western countries incompetent, bolstered Chinese government’s legitimacy at home
  10. “what currency do you trust? where would you like your children to go to university or work? the dollar, the US
  11. the endgame and the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis will be laced through with geopolitics