“The point is that we are all capable of believing things which we know to be untrue, and then, when we are finally proved wrong, impudently twisting the facts so as to show that we were right.”

— George Orwell, “In Front of Your Nose

“This group, unlike other seditions in the past—seditions are aimed to overthrow a government—this is really unique in its insanity. It is a seditious movement to keep the government. Why would you do that? Why don’t you just form a cheering squad, stand outside the palace, and clap?”

—Foreign Secretary Teddy Locsin Jr.


— マクゴナガル先生, ダンブルドア
Some things I noticed 08/14/2020:
  1. The cost of perfection is infinite.
  2. Sa tingin ko po, dahil marami silang hindi pupuwedeng pulaan sa Thailand, pinulaan na lang nila tayo” 😂
  3. if a fancy Andromeda alien is viewing us with a telescope right now, it’s seeing a bunch of Australopithecus walking around being unappealing
  4. Many of us have intentions, but they’re very weak. You got to move from goal intentions to implementation intentions. You don’t have to think.
  5. The kernel-mode ISR looks in EAX and calls the specified kernel-mode function if all parameters passed from user-mode appears to be correct.
  6. The legend goes that whoever sees the trees making love either die or go blind.
  7. Pilipinas Shell to shut Tabangao refinery as pandemic slashes margins
  8. China hires over 100 TSMC engineers in push for chip leadership
  9. UPeepz Dances to “Bebot” by Black Eyed Peas
  10. King Gnu – 白日

Some things I noticed 07/30/2020:
  1. How many mask debates have you gotten into?” 😂
  2. The space suit is custom made for each crew member.
  3. Political power without economic power is just sterile.
  4. The pandemic is turning Millennials into socialists.
    • “It would be tragic if we survived the pandemic only to find ourselves living in true socialism” 😅
  5. Of the one thousand minuteman missiles constructed during the cold war, four hundred still lives on.
  6. LoCoS represents concepts rather than sounds. The basic building blocks are simple shapes that each represent an idea
    • “only English speakers feel they speak a universal language. For the rest, navigating multiple languages is a fact of life.”
  7. privacy concerns raised when noticed user agreement said people who uploaded surrender intellectual property rights to their face
  8. Tones and I — Dance Monkey
  9. 君をのせて — 天空の城
  10. 青葉市子 — 太陽さん

aléatoire 文法練習
  • 「そういう」
    • そういう態度は保守主義で典型的だ。
  • 「こういう」
    • こういう例文は少なかった派手だね。
  • 「ああいう」
    • ああいう言葉が使うことは簡単じゃない。
  • 「どういう」
    • どういうことだってばよ!
    • どういう動物だこの政府は
  • 「また」
    • 記述はまた読みなさい。
    • また誰かの口に臭そう。
  • 「みたい」
    • 自由があるから変人みたいに生きてきる。
    • このお菓子の形は管みたいな体に玉みたいな頭があんるだ。
Some things I noticed 05/05/2020:
  1. Imaginary interest rates
  2. Euler’s crazy pi formula generator
  3. “Because work is a duty, and a man should not receive wages in proportion to what he has produced, but to his virtue as exemplified by his industry.”
  4. 国から1人に10万円出すことが決まった 外国人ももらえる
  5. Psshh. Amateurs.
  6. Her family are f-ed up in that way that gives posh people something to write plays about, and gets other people visits by social services
  7. Why do people in North Korea draw the straightest lines?
  8. “So many of my memories were ugly, but the things I held unto until the end weren’t the ugly ones. I choose to see the beauty.” – Dolores, Westworld S03E08
  9. antiadoptionist, antidocetic, antiseparationist, theologically motivated alterations of the text in Bart Ehrman’s Misquoting Jesus Chapter 6
  10. Young Taimane