Tricky Dicky

Day 9 of the rewrites. It gets worse.

I fell into the quicksand of talking about writing as if one is already in the future. I assumed humans have agency and that one’s actions could affect the future. But no one is capable of self-fulfilling a prophecy. That is, unless one backdates it after the event, claiming foreknowledge afterwards. Isn’t this how most of the so-called prophecies of the past actually came to be?

Some very intelligent people believe that all possible things are happening at once. In some all encompassing dimension, all hypotheticals, subjunctives, and options are real. All the possible possibilities are windows to a growing number of branching worlds. If so, there is a non-zero chance there’s a world where one actually wrote a self-projection. That is, writing a self-reflection of one’s future self and it actually coming true.

Of course, I only know of this from philosophers who justify their existence on podcasts. They need to, because what is the use of thinking about these things anyway?

My thoughts are now on how card guessing games work. Also, how probability has weird features that could nudge people to believe prescience. This whole writeup is already too long though, so I’ll climb out of this quicksand tomorrow.

Enough for today.

After these rewrites, I should stick to posting the Some Things I Noticed Section. Weird that it took me this long to notice that.

Some things I noticed 02/02/2020:
  1. controversial to those who impugn controversy
  2. differently colored wheelbarrows are fine too
  3. Nixon and Kissinger practiced eating with chopsticks.
  4. Positive thoughts
  5. This we call pinggá
  6. Yagyag! Ay di nagpanumbi!