It’s weird how the thing I wrote the three days ago complaining about how hard it is to write in a short period of time and the thing I wrote yesterday about how easy it is to come up with gibberish one might not be able to fill up the allotted time with enough words directly contradict each other.

Writing is staking out a position, and that’s perhaps why writing is hard. One cannot be sure the position one decides to put one’s stake in is the position one always wants to be in. But with writing, artifacts are left purporting a certain thought to be so, proclaiming for all time what the writer would seem to have always held true and will always supposedly will.

The irony, of course, is that most all great writing is this way. A declaration of certainty. An unchanging position. I suppose this case being so is just a natural byproduct of the inevitable passage of time, almost taken for granted that everything always changes, making any sort of permanence, even though very obviously illusory so rare, that any semblance of certainty is most cherished and yearned for.

Also, writing is inherently judgy. Any use of word to say anything betrays one’s values, and any exposure of one’s values lead to it contrasting with other’s, revealing minute differences of the underlying rarities and abundances from which such values arise; and in any such contrast an inevitable second order evaluation of both.

I have cut my allotted time for this excretory exercise by half. It feels better this way.

Enough for today.

Some things I noticed 01/16/2020:
  1. I don’t claim to be an expert on my successor, though I believe that he’s a patriot.” Always thought BSCA3 saying this of the POTROTP remarkable. Maybe of a different chirality, sure, but of course. Nation states are weird.
  2. Dodecahedron reminds me of santol for some reason. Where does one find a santol tree?
  3. Everything is a language. Underrated gospel that must be preached.
  4. At least once I had to have said out loud it’d be pretty cool if Betelgeuse, specifically, visibly went supernova, during my ill-fated dilettante star-gazing phase. Pretty sure it’d be awesome at first, in case.