Dreaming as a p-zombie

Alright, a do over. On ephemerality and selves. What have I gotten myself into?

Ephemerality is the tendency of stuff to not persist over time. A self is a collection of information on a body, most of which synthesized in a brain, in cases where brains are involved.

On the other hand I do not want to write about this anymore. This is too hard.

Alright. The next question is either, one, being practical and not a little bit snarky, so what?, or two, taking all of these seriously and being kind, what is stuff and what is information?

As is wont of people who are fond of procrastination, my personal favorite is a digression. What does it mean to mean anything?

Maybe I’ll write about some of these tomorrow, unless something else comes up.

Enough for today.

Some things I noticed 01/11/2020:
  1. someone did a Manila-Gensan loop on a bike in 16 days. cool.
  2. you have the right to speak up
  3. just reset my WaniKani account to level 10 from 45 after 190 plus days of inactivity