Cookie Cutter

Alright, let’s right this one on the Hemingway App. I’m pretty sure after this the whole entry will not sound like me at all. This is the same reason why English words have funny spelling. Someone invented the printing press and brought stupid quirks along ink on paper. See, that last sentence wasn’t how I would write it.

I also don’t want to install Grammarly, marked as an adverb on this editor by the way. Also the automatic reply suggestions on Gmail. And let’s not get started on the automatic call answering software that’s coming. Soon after robots do all the communication for humans, what’s next?

Yeah this is a very conservative take on things. Most of these technologies are cool. It doesn’t feel right to dumb down oneself for imagined readers that doesn’t exist, is all. Wait, don’t tell me I can’t use the phrase “on the other hand?” I like that one. Phrase has a simpler alternative, you say, but so what? There’s beauty in the complicated some of the time.

And I was about to praise this tool too. I was just about to say that writing this entry with all the constraints made the experience easier. Somewhat. In an ironic manner. Oh well. Apparently except when one is trying to praise it. Come on! Adverbs have a place, why ban it? And passive voice? I like that too. Whatever Hemingway App.

Enough for today.

Some things I noticed 01/23/2020:
  1. Very assuming of you TSOL. Why would I want to make people feel good? Make yourself feel good yourself.
  2. I approve of this.
  3. Old news, BBC. Old news. Also, cyberloafing? Really?