Some things I noticed 07/02/2020:
  1. If hit by the same disease, knowing what we know today, I think we would end up doing something between what Sweden has done and what the rest of the world has done
  2. an abandoned oil tanker moored off the coast of Yemen loaded with more than 1 million barrels of crude oil is at risk of rupture or exploding
  3. Alan Dershowitz, in his court filing, reveals former Israeli PM Ehud Barak is among a number of important men accused by Giuffre as being part of Epstein’s sex scheme.”
  4. A pro-democracy group led by Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong disbanded hours after China’s parliament passed national security legislation for the Chinese-ruled city
  5. All communities on Reddit must abide by our content policy in good faith. We banned r/The_Donald because it has not done so, despite every opportunity.
  6. in the period following the plague, the resulting labor shortage meant a demand for labor; that attracted immigrants from the rest of the British Isles
  7. Due to brewers yeast being in short supply, we have stopped production of all sizes apart from our 250g size jar.
  8. 21 HP characters not in the Films
  9. Harry Potter Epilogue SNL
  10. Whatever makes thee happy, whatever thou wantst

Some things I noticed 06/08/2020:
  1. “Dobby likes freedom, but he isn’t wanting too much, he likes work better.” — Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Chapter 21, “The House-Elf Liberation Front”
  2. I propose moving away from the traditional five-day work week to a four-day work week with the option of working from home on the fifth day
  3. In times of national emergency, the Congress may authorize the President to exercise powers to carry out policy. Such powers shall cease upon the next adjournment thereof.
  4. State-of-the-art stabilization by a hawk neural network, powered by rabbits, fish, mice, and squirrels.
  5. Below a 5 crazy and above an 8 hot, this is your unicorn zone. These don’t exist.” 😂
  6. I was frustrated that you exist.
  7. ところ vs. ばかり
  8. Maxus by SAIC
  10. All ye bully-rooks with yer buskin boots