It’s day 6 of the rewrites. This entry was in its entirety a commentary of the previous day’s entry, told in a roundabout manner. Well, so is this paragraph so what gives?

I wrote a blanket statement yesterday claiming that humans write for self-reflection. Now that I had time to think about it more I realize it is very seldom the case. Not in an intentional manner, at least.

In fact, it is more often the case that people write to communicate. When it is to oneself, that’s when writing as self-reflection is a subset of this activity.

It’s tempting to add to this the idea of dying when falling asleep and being different waking up. It is late though, so I’d continue this train of thought tomorrow, unless something comes up.

Enough for today.

I should have written instead about the inspiration for the title though. It’s from a comment author M. Gladwell made describing F·R·I·E·N·D·S characters as “perfectly matched.” That’s when happy people look happy, and sad people look sad.

In the real world, he said, it is seldom the case one could see in other people their actual inner state of being. As for me, it seems true, though I only appreciate him for naming the idea. Putting a label to an abstract thought gives it a handle somewhat. One could then play with it with ease along other mental models one has.

Easily,” Hemingway App. What is so wrong with that word?

Some things I noticed 01/30/2020:
  1. estuve pensando que tengo que escribir más en español, aunque no sé mucho, así tecleé «si no es ahora cuando» y encontré esto por casualidad
  2. a more powerful decoder was the key to higher conversational quality” – Ja 1:19. Also, pretty sure I score low on this newfangled SSA metric.
  3. A cascade of virtue-signalling and nothing else, most of it.
  4. Choppers don’t have black boxes.
  5. Realpolitik, open-source ed.
  6. Tailscale. Too cluey; didn’t read.