Following the schedule this would be the eleventh day of the rewrites. (This still is.) Except that day I was only able to come up with mush. So might as well do to the mush what affordance the mush invites a doer to do. Meaning, mush it up more.

Dreaming as a p-zombie

Ephemerality and selves again
Stuff tend not to persist over time
If only so this writhing ever end
But information in a body rhyme!

Collect, I mean, most of which synthesized
Don’t want to write about this anymore
In brains in case involved, This is too hard
“So what?” still the question as before

Or if not being snarky “What is stuff?”
Procrastinating people are a mess
“Is information what in actual fact?”
Then ask at last the favorite digress

“To mean a thing, what does it mean?” I say
Will write tomorrow. Enough for today.

This will be the first and final draft of this thing in this form. One could spend eternity shaping it up, straightening the edges, but mush is still mush. Also, this already took five times the usual allotted time for an entry as it is.

Some things I noticed 02/04/2020:
  1. Part 2 is better. Bloopers.
  2. Reasoning out of more than two decades being vegetarian.
  3. Maybe this was also part of what I have been trying to write about.
  4. This deserves between a whole post and a hundred, and the acquisition of the appropriate language to describe one’s reaction, but suffice it to say at the moment that I’m greatly tickled. People are stories. I agree.
  5. Totoo yung Lola!
  6. Robot soldier (CGI, as of now)