Some things I noticed 05/18/2020:
  1. Depraved Masochist Enjoys Following The News 🤣
  2. both social media and traditional media are dominated by voices strongly averse to the political risks posed by a viable third candidate
  3. How the Buddha Got His Face
    • “although Buddhism is not actively nontheistic, it is so reticent on the subject of god as to virtually eschew [Buddha].”
    • “In the omission of the figure of the Buddha, the Early Buddhist art is truly Buddhist. The rest is an art about Buddhism, rather than Buddhist art.”
    • “under the first ever confluence of Greece, China, Persia and India, a reconstituted form of Buddhism, known as Mahayana flourished”
    • “In the wake of Alexander, first centralized Indian state, founder Chandragupta. Support shown of Buddhism by grandson Ashoka not unlike Constantine’s conversion.”
    • “Was the depiction of the Buddha as a human being the legacy of Greek influence in Bactria?” 🐄💩
    • “as Buddhism a reaction to hierarchical Brahmin orthodoxy, so Chinese warlords who felt disparaged by Confucianism attracted to the ‘egalitarian creed.'”
  4. trying to describe their projects using only one syllable words
  5. Inside the Strange, Psychic World of Indigo Children
  6. Zoom sees their architecture as a competitive advantage.
  7. Stanford Pupper