Some things I noticed 07/29/2020:
  1. How the U.S. Stole Mexico
  2. Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker
  3. what if I told you that sum wasn’t really that irregular after all?
  4. The Chinese seemed to come out of nowhere as they swarmed over the defensive positions of the surprised United Nations troops
  5. Any sound can be recovered with no requirement to hack anything in the room. You just need line of sight to a hanging bulb, and this is it.
  6. designed to deliver a fatal blow in orbit; key US satellites could have such a satellite stalking them, ready to strike at an event of escalation
  7. Two teenage girls discovered an Earth-bound asteroid; near Mars and orbit is expected to cross that of Earth in [a] million years’ time
    • “I don’t even have a TV at home, so that I can concentrate on my studies.”
  8. Girl came into my work and after a bit of conversation showed me that she had 6 fingers on each hand. This isn’t photoshopped.
  9. unethical and corrupt practices in public health institutions undermine people’s access to healthcare
  10. Jonathan Pie — President Trump, Put a Mask On!

Some things I noticed 06/13/2020:
  1. “But the ship will burn. All of us will die.” “You are already dead. At least die a sacrifice for something worthwhile.
  2. We did not take into account associations weigh down this word referring to period of history before Civil War, which includes slavery.
  3. Maybe [white privilege] had something to do with it. I wish it weren’t that way. I wish it were about pure talent. But I’m not complaining” 😅
  4. a coherent U.S. strategy to stop the stealthy advance of Chinese military power in Cambodia is urgently required” 😐
  5. the inability of victors to shake hands with those they’ve defeated; always has to kick a man in the face when he’s down; happened in Tejeros, kept happening ever since
  6. Aling pag-ibig pa ang hihigit kaya, sa pagkadalisay at pagkadakila?” 😂
  7. Thirty years of weekly newscasts in Latin, all year round, with just a short break in the summer.
  8. Mom!! They’re posting weird stuff again.” “YouTube knows us.” 🤣
  9. Shaman King Anime Announced for 2021
  10. 上白石萌音×RADWIMPS「なんでもないや」