“It’s a combination of having that first fleeting idea of a character who would say this strange line that just pop into my head. Who would they say it to? Ok now we have two characters and a little bit of dialog, interesting. And kind of playing that out your brain would naturally go, so where are they? when are they? So now we’re getting our space and our time—our settings—and I can start to fill out the story.”

— Lauren Gunderson, Playwriting Class – Part 1 – Beginnings and Endings
Some things I noticed 06/11/2020:
  1. Many of so-called ‘funny’ people aren’t that humorous in real life. Not so Ricky Gervais.” 🥛
  2. Lori Vallow and her husband, Chad Daybell, believed their children had been possessed and had become zombies.
  3. [Reiwa Shinsengumi] ran on an anti-capitalist theme of creating ‘a society that does not judge people by their productivity’
  4. Maas showed a sharp turn, saying Wong’s opinions constitute separatism and do not conform with Germany’s policies
  5. We had a party piece to show people that we weren’t as stupid as we looked and it was by Bach
  6. Each person has a producer reminding them at stages, helping through the gameplay, sometimes to articulate their thoughts” 😒
  7. Monobloc is one of few objects free of any specific context. Seeing a white plastic chair in a photograph offers you no clues about where or when you are.
    • “it’s insanely paternalistic to just sit there and say that poor people can’t have monobloc chairs because it’s bad for their culture”
  8. There’s something about a song that just, sums up… you know, you just really do just wanna say fuck you sometimes
  9. 緑黄色社会 『Shout Baby』Music Video
  10. Fall Out Boy – Uptown Funk
  11. ところ vs. ばかり

Some things I noticed 05/30/2020:
  1. Why is g so close to π squared?
  2. Darkling Beetles: Spray acid, play dead 🐞
  3. when we put a story together and start to ask ourselves ‘what would i do?’ it is an emotional response that often helps us define that
  4. As the number of Chinese dams in Tibet increases, water scarcity will become a nightmare policy issue for the downstream countries.
  5. Media Enablers of Chinese government in America
  6. Mark Zuckerberg Says Social Media Sites Should Not Fact Check Posts
  7. This attempt to take down our film and prevent the public from seeing it is a blatant act of censorship by political critics of Planet of the Humans.
  8. U.S. to focus on financial sanctions and visa restrictions on officials while holding back on tariffs, export controls and investment restrictions
  9. Song from Team America World Police
  10. Price it like it’s before Hall–Héroult