“Kapag dalubhasa na tayo sa ating wika, maari na tayong mag-aral ng ibang wika. Hindi maaaring pagsabayin ito. Tayo ay mabibigo sa isa, o sa dalawa.”

— Emerita S. Quito, “Ang Kaugnayan ng Wikang Pambansa at Edukasyon”

Some things I noticed 09/26/2020:
  1. As we do more science and our instruments improve, whatever the largest star is will change.” 🤔
  2. for 300 years, mathematical equations is the best place to go. last fifteen years, new models most often are made of programs not equations.
  3. Microsoft is teaming up with OpenAI to exclusively license GPT-3
  4. calibre has moved to using Python 3. This is because Python 2 was end-of-lifed this year. some third party plugins have not yet been ported.
  5. North Korea have done such acts against humanity of unconditionally shooting an individual as part of its COVID-19 quarantine guidelines
  6. To assert that spies have infiltrated the establishment not only discredit our reputation, it puts everyone out there in the field at danger.
  7. If adopted and approved, the said bill — H.R. 8313 — will not only be our loss but theirs as well
  8. “I am not a scientist, doctor, virologist or politician and I have never claimed to be” #ikdoenietmeermee
  9. “I am Hindu in heart and body, my life is Hindu, Hindu is my only identity” — हिन्दू तन-मन हिन्दू जीवन 😃
  10. Beauty and the Beast Filipino Dress; “Pinay servant Cinderella

Some things I noticed 08/25/2020:
  1. Previously classified documentary video of Tsar Bomba nuke test
  2. It’s a bit like you with your Jesus, except for us, Jesus would also be a member of the family.
  3. over southern Atlantic Ocean, an unusually weak spot in magnetic field allows charged particles from the Sun to dip closer than normal
  4. few more impressive than Blaeu Atlas; printed 1644, three volumes 276 hand-colored lithographs that mapped the known world. All missing.
  5. i want to say i hesitated, but i was nine and drunk on power and i simply did it.” 😆
  6. If people expect Asean to choose sides they are going to be disappointed.
  7. As we all know, Bacon is unhealthy.” 🥓
  8. Reagan tells Soviet jokes
  9. Trolley is out of control
  10. the peggies「センチメートル」

Some things I noticed 08/05/2020:
  1. Maximilian Kolbe
  2. But the greatest marvel is the achievement of scientific brains in making it work.
  3. A Member State assessed that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is continuing production of nuclear weapons
  4. a machine learning algorithm significantly responsive and accurate can pierce the veil of cultural ignorance. Culture can be abstracted
  5. a warehouse housing highly explosive materials caught fire in the city’s port, causing a major explosion
  6. We popped 5 million kernels of popcorn
  7. Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse out of Wood
  8. one of the best swims of my career!
  9. Don’t worry about it, it’s on me.
  10. Bigo Live

Some things I noticed 07/27/2020:
  1. 紅の豚 予告
  2. North Korea reports first suspected case of COVID-19
  3. Even if they don’t have cocaine in them, they still use the leaves.
  4. Crucially, this step assumes that the bits selected by the hash function end up all being distinct, which is not always guaranteed
  5. recent increase in successful jackpotting ultimately results in higher fees, as financial institutions pass on the costs caused by the losses.
  6. the quantitative revolution has become the biggest today, capturing some $500 billion of the industry’s more than $3 trillion in assets
    • “Jeff Bezos, who had joined in 1990, was in charge of the online retailing project at D.E. Shaw.”
    • “These days, betting on inefficiencies in public markets has become less profitable. D.E. Shaw has moved into emerging markets”
  7. a property tycoon has been searching for potential sites for a new city due to political uncertainty between Hong Kong and Beijing.
  8. The day Khan got a contraband phone in prison, he and his cellmate spent the night sobbing as they reconnected with family members.” 🤔
  9. export drive on backs of Chinese working class one; blow to America’s blue-collar second; Wall Street profited third front in class war.
    • “state support for Chinese industry extends to subsidised land deals, cheap electric power and a subsidised low interest loans”
    • “the US did not prevail in the Cold War in Asia. The mistake in thinking we are in a ‘new Cold War’ is in thinking of it as new.”
    • “The key lay in rebalancing domestic inequality such that domestic demand was adequate to domestic production.”
    • “not domestic reform as means of defusing international tension, but international tension as driver of domestic transformation.”
    • “the novel challenge we face is how to disarm economic growth as a planetary threat”
  10. meaning of emoji in Twitter handles

Some things I noticed 06/18/2020:
  1. I chose the title of the story. Some things the algorithm didn’t get to decide.” 🙂
  2. someone printed the bank’s master key on a piece of paper at its old data center
  3. A violent face-off happened as a result of an attempt by the Chinese side to unilaterally change the status quo there. Both sides suffered casualties
    • “They have deliberately provoked attacks… China doesn’t want to have a clash with India, but we don’t fear it”
    • “the Chinese side doesn’t want people of the two countries to compare the casualties number so to avoid stoking public mood”
  4. that we weren’t working to get our systems to the highest level of cybersecurity would be false. The hardest thing to do is protect against your own people
  5. North Korea is working toward re-militarization of the Kaesong industrial complex, blowing up the liaison office in would be the first step
  6. My argument for this device’s existence is that it lets you export your saved games, whereas the regular Nintendo Switch does not
  7. Tatlong lalaki na nag-iinuman, sugatan matapos silang barilin ng lalaking tinawag nilang ‘supot’ sa Santol, La Union.
  8. SpaceX is building floating, superheavy-class spaceports for Mars, moon & hypersonic travel around Earth
  9. But shipwreck lead is hard to find
  10. Pyronale 2013 — Dragon Fireworks

aléatoire 文法練習
  • 「そういう」
    • そういう態度は保守主義で典型的だ。
  • 「こういう」
    • こういう例文は少なかった派手だね。
  • 「ああいう」
    • ああいう言葉が使うことは簡単じゃない。
  • 「どういう」
    • どういうことだってばよ!
    • どういう動物だこの政府は
  • 「また」
    • 記述はまた読みなさい。
    • また誰かの口に臭そう。
  • 「みたい」
    • 自由があるから変人みたいに生きてきる。
    • このお菓子の形は管みたいな体に玉みたいな頭があんるだ。
Some things I noticed 05/05/2020:
  1. Imaginary interest rates
  2. Euler’s crazy pi formula generator
  3. “Because work is a duty, and a man should not receive wages in proportion to what he has produced, but to his virtue as exemplified by his industry.”
  4. 国から1人に10万円出すことが決まった 外国人ももらえる
  5. Psshh. Amateurs.
  6. Her family are f-ed up in that way that gives posh people something to write plays about, and gets other people visits by social services
  7. Why do people in North Korea draw the straightest lines?
  8. “So many of my memories were ugly, but the things I held unto until the end weren’t the ugly ones. I choose to see the beauty.” – Dolores, Westworld S03E08
  9. antiadoptionist, antidocetic, antiseparationist, theologically motivated alterations of the text in Bart Ehrman’s Misquoting Jesus Chapter 6
  10. Young Taimane