Some things I noticed 07/14/2020:
  1. I Know What You Download on BitTorrent
  2. there are chunks of a fat molecule that are identical to chunks of a gasoline molecule.
    • “We invented a period of development called childhood that no other organism has.”
  3. mass migration brought the need to form a communal identity, backed by a dream of a past golden age. That job fell mostly to Josiah
    • “literal reading actually detracts from the Biblical authors; Only when you read them critically do you understand their genius.”
    • “a theory argues that Biblical Jerusalem was situated atop the Temple Mount, holiest Judaism; two of the holiest in Islam”
    • “The basis of much of this wealth, one theory holds, was mining.”
  4. Procrastination as an avoidance strategy is nearly perfect in its outcome in protecting our self-worth, even as we jeopardize our performance.
    • “Your ability is not equivalent to your worth.”
  5. to be of service, I will be stepping away from this endeavor as I understand the hurt and potential harm my last name may cause.
  6. The year-to-date average global temperature was 1.07 degrees C above the 20th-century average.
  7. This is how I render my animations” 😂
  8. Intelligence is not a single thing.
  9. L’Arc~en~Ciel — Blurry Eyes
  10. F. Sor Thême Varié op. 15c

Some things I noticed 07/08/2020:
  1. To induce a lightning strike, researchers fire a rocket dragging a wire into an approaching electrical storm 🌩
  2. Is it possible to communicate six bits of information by the flip of a single coin?
  3. A giant flywheel in north-east Scotland could soon help to prevent blackouts by mimicking the effect of a power station but without using fossil fuels.
  4. cosmologists Karsten Jedamzik and Levon Pogosian argue that weak magnetic fields in the early universe would lead to the faster cosmic expansion rate seen today
    • “the Faraday technique will really take off when the next-generation radio telescope called the Square Kilometer Array, starts up in 2027”
  5. Fraunhofer HHI celebrates release of H.266; This new video coding standard reduces data by 50% of bit rate relative to H.265
    • “H.266/VVC was developed with ultra-high-resolution video in mind, new standard is particularly beneficial streaming 4K or 8K”
  6. Praise can be trumpeted as evidence that China is respected around the world, while criticism can be used to stoke nationalist defensiveness.
  7. I only see you when you’re walking. Walking to somewhere. You’re so restless. What can be over there? It must be special there.
  8. La vie en rose [et elle chante aussi. por supuesto.]
  9. Superorganism — Live on KEXP
  10. Origami Folding Door

Some things I noticed 07/01/2020:
  1. Theurgy, Proclus
  2. Indian government ban includes TikTok, apps from Xiaomi, Alibaba’s UC Browser and UC News; Shareit; CM Browser, Club Factory; and ES File Explorer.
  3. The UK and the US didn’t sign any treaties or formally transfer any money during this process. All of that would require congressional approval and public scrutiny.
  4. Russia wants to mass produce these floating power plants and achieve more efficient construction than is currently possible with nuclear power plants.
  5. matter has wave-like properties
  6. Generally speaking when you hear someone say that the transformer blew up, it didn’t, it’s just the fuse. When a fuse blows, it’s loud. It can be pretty aggressive.
  7. Iran had requested a ‘red notice’ be put out for Trump and the others, the highest-level notice issued by Interpol” 😅
  8. Jolo municipal cops and a policeman assigned to the Sulu Provincial Drug Enforcement Unit shot dead 4 soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines
  9. Why the US has so many Filipino nurses
  10. Paola Hermosín — Preludio de la Suite no. 1 Para Cello

Some things I noticed 04/19/2020:
  1. I-Witness: ‘Ako si Patient 2828’
  2. when the orchestra isn’t well orchestrated, there seems to be a problem
  3. “As a seasoned prominent legal figure, he should urge youngsters to obey the law. But he encouraged more youngsters to break the law
  4. “I went to a pizza place. Next morning, thinking about naming the retail shop I’m going to start, I saw Giordano. People would think Italian brand.”
  5. TeX is pronounced “tech”, and Donald Knuth made it originally for his book
    • “Poets have to write poems. I have to write computer programs.”
    • “A person’s success in life is determined by having a high minimum, not a high maximum.”
    • “I’ve been so fortunate riding waves and being born at a time that was just right for my particular peculiarity.”
  6. “we recognize discrepancy between the commonly accepted definition of end-to-end encryption and how we were using it
  7. God be like, “this pandemic shall pass through, but I shall also send forth Eric Yuan to create Zoom
  8. Integrated circuits seem to have inherited this numbering scheme from vacuum tubes
  9. Solutions don’t exist except in the minds of people that are hungry for them.
  10. ‘El Ministerio del Tiempo’ está disponible gratis en
  11. La Donna è Mobile

Some things I noticed 04/06/2020:
  1. Hozier covers Toxic
  2. kiarathevolleydog
  3. Fine, I’ll comb it.
  4. “a team of scientists had managed to synthesize one gram of remdesivir”
  5. 這次合成過程中的大挑戰就在如何從不同「鏡像異構物」中挑選出最適合的版本。Enantiomer! Chirality! 鏡 mirror 像 image 異 different 構 side 物 thing. 행복해요.
  6. synthetic organic chemistry considerations w.r.t. possible covid-19 cure
  7. “Remdesivir can be metabolised to nucleoside triphosphate [which] works as competitor [to] adenosine triphosphate, confuses [virus], acts as delayed RNA chain terminator.” Très cool!
  8. ¿Quién sabe que una melodía de la semana santa puede sonar como música de metal? O es al revés.
  9. words derived from Wôpanâak language
  10. “the term ‘topic’ is actually a misnomer in Tagalog, since the Tagalog topic need not be especially discourse-prominent


It’s day 15 of the rewrites. For this one I set a time limit and tried to fill it up with random sentences. It’s not pretty.

The most reasonable thing to do is to stop writing. So I will do the opposite to see what happens.

Editing while writing takes a longer amount of time. If one always hesitates committing to what comes to mind, one would not be able to move on. Writing on modern text editors makes to urge to do this stronger. It is ironic. Paper encourages the writer to commit to the written words more. Otherwise, when one edits with paper one still sees the failed attempts. With computers, it’s as if the run-on sentence never happened. There is more time to dawdle.

Also, editing while writing disrupts the flow of thoughts. Thoughts are flimsy. Little distractions cut threads from spools for randomness where they come from.

Writing while reacting to prompts is weird this way. Right now I have ten minutes left to fill up. Because of what I wrote in the last paragraph, I imagine a sewing machine. Where would I go from that thought? But reacting to prompts is also how I managed to go on writing this far. Those “deep” stuff in my previous entries? I was only reacting to academics peddling books on podcasts. Those too are prompts.

Writing is bound to be hard when one is avoiding to write about oneself on purpose. There was a paragraph before this I deleted because I used the pronoun I a little too many times for comfort. I want to write as if I do not exist, but that is impossible. One can only do so much to avoid the first person perspective. When one cannot scratch anything below the surface, writing is a bore.

Because of that, this entry and machine-learning generated texts are not too different. We’re both trying to come up with a collection of words that fit grammatical rules and nothing else. Machines are of course are better at that. I used to use an editor app that corrects my grammar as I type. For this I did not bother. I’m using a borrowed tongue anyway, so I allow myself to lack finesse while writing about nothing.

Twelve minutes to go and I cannot come up with more meaningless words. The easiness is so hard. I will transfer this to the CMS now. Tomorrow’s ought to have more meaning. Eight minutes. Writing this way is not the way to go. Enough for today.

Editing this to something I felt comfortable re-publishing took three passes. The original was so all over the place. For each cluster of thoughts, I tried to find the kernel of what I must have been trying to say. Then I arranged the sentences around those to form paragraphs that seem to say something. After getting the hang of it, it felt methodical. It’s as if I’m following an unspoken algorithm. To be sure, everything is still bovine scat.

Some things I noticed 02/08/2020:
  1. As adults are also children, blame is spread too thin for resolution.
  2. Pomplamoose × Capaldi
  3. Como pluma al viento
  4. Eng subz plz. No time to learn Cantonese.
  5. The costs of nCoV treatment was not free at first.