Some things I noticed 05/16/2020:
  1. Puns with Gallium artwork and Project Blue Peacock
  2. Contact Tracing doesn’t trace you, nor your contacts
  3. avoid situations where people with less ability than you can tell you what to do, or edit your work
  4. Harvard Law School found my attacker not guilty… the university was now investigating me for ‘malicious prosecution.’
  5. For the record! I am using the official government spelling for the “kruuaar” sound you have to make when hocking up spit.
  6. Trucks used to store bodies amid coronavirus can go back to hauling food
  7. communication is all about making sure that your call is able to reach the right ear
  8. everyone will be able to keep their work-issued laptops
  9. Ang Huling El Bimbo Original Cast Recording Album
  10. alternative to LetsEncrypt