Some things I noticed 07/19/2020:
  1. Labing-isang Konsiyensiya — Rio Alma
    • “Huwag sana siláng matákot sa linya ng San Dinastiya’t Nazi Maharajah”
  2. The law will take effect even without the IRR because the promulgation of the IRR is not a condition for the effectivity of the law.
  3. About 26 percent of businesses in the Philippines have closed since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country
  4. Mikee Cojuangco elected to elite 15-person International Olympic Committee executive board
  5. It is exposing falsehoods everywhere: the lie that free markets can deliver healthcare for all; the fiction that unpaid care work is not work
  6. recent floods in Yangtze River lead to a gross drag on third-quarter GDP growth; creating major roadblock in getting PPE into the United States
  7. Other peoples of the book were subject to special conditions such as higher taxes. This had the ironic result that Muslim rulers quietly discouraged members of other faiths from converting to Islam, because they needed the added revenue.
  8. As they prayed, the water level in the well rose and rose, until it leveled with the curb. Above it, rose the child sitting, alive and smiling
  9. “Your life is a patchwork of blackness with no time for joy. How do you cope with it?” “I have a butler.” 😂
  10. Nada Surf — Meow Meow Lullaby (MV)