Some things I noticed 06/15/2020:
  1. Slang makes them cool. Slang makes me hood.” – Starr Carter, The Hate U Give
  2. Following the Julian Calendar, we are technically in 2012… end of the world is next week
    • Great.” – Brian Cox 🤣
  3. Spacetime — The Biggest Ideas in the Universe #6
  4. Microsoft has deemed C++ no longer acceptable for writing mission-critical software. The best choice on the market today is Rust.
  5. Install Linux from a running Windows system, without need for a live USB.”
  6. 기본소득이 필요한지, 필요하다면 어느 범위에서 할 수 있는지 연구하자”고 밝혔다
  7. Arithmancy