It’s day 21 of the rewrites.

One could recurse yesterday’s argument and say subjectivity does not exist either. One’s conception of oneself also requires the gaze of some other. Seeing oneself without one’s reflection on another is impossible. So like objectivity, individual subjects also need the collective subjectivity. One needs a language to describe oneself. Language is as good as non-existent if not spoken by more than one person.

Objectivity exists only in the inter-subject. But subjects in the inter-subject also need each other. Where are we to take this Markov-chain of daily entries? Is this a circle that needs squaring? What would that entail?

I again succeeded in confusing myself. There are many oughts to every is, and there seems to also be many ises. Enough for today.

I only have two more posts to rewrite in the Hemingway editor app. That I worry about this a little proves I still have some diachronic identity left. My synchronic self rejoices at this. Mental models are infectious. One cannot avoid them, they change you, so have as many as possible to not favor any single one.

Some things I noticed 02/14/2020:
  1. Electron spin explanation video
  2. If MDT is ever to be cancelled, the time to do it is indeed now.
  3. s p d f g h i …
  4. Mass defect and binding energy
  5. Grease and oil dissolvers. Pre-soak.
  6. Very appropriate for Valentines, TSoL.