Some things I noticed 07/20/2020:
  1. The song is a simple story of Diego entering a club, DJ plays his song. The gibberish part is Las Ketchup trying to sing Rapper’s Delight.
  2. Mormons Bastian and Ashton invented WordPerfect, and Ray Noorda — who held prestigious positions in the LDS church — started Novell
    • “These founders have gone through perhaps the most strenuous sales ‘boot camp’: a two-year mission spreading Mormonism abroad.”
    • “As if it never happened, a repressive undercurrent culture that doesn’t openly discuss things like having some of the highest suicide rates”
  3. Kirk got access to the Twitter credentials when he found a way into Twitter’s internal Slack messaging channel and saw them posted there” !!!
    • “i’m not sad more just annoyed. i mean he only made 20 btc,” he said, referring to Kirk’s Bitcoin profits from the scam
  4. strict adherence to writing code that is free of duplication inevitably leads to software we can’t understand.” 🤭
  5. the compiler actually saw what we were trying to do, so the compiler optimized the branch out completely
  6. The Magnetic Tape Viewer – see the sound on a tape
  7. Hugelkultur is nothing more than making raised garden beds filled with rotten wood.
  8. How do you get people to buy even more sh*t?
  9. The Story of “It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy
  10. Lito Camo — Buhay

Some things I noticed 06/30/2020:
  1. Octopus moms die after they reproduce.
  2. “Why don’t they just fly on eagles to take the ring to Mordor?” “The eagles are not mounts. They’re not just birds. They are Ainur.
  3. The unusual amount of rain led to an unusual amount of vegetation, which led to an unusual number of new locusts… caused by an unusually warm Indian Ocean.
  4. In a typical gasoline engine a spark plug ignites the fuel and air mixture inside the cylinder. Rudolf Diesel determined that no spark was necessary.
  5. Power transformers that feed our homes do produce 120V but twice.
  6. Road to Recovery — The Manila Times
  7. Prime Infra and Solar Philippines set to jointly build two new solar projects serving the Luzon and Visayas grids, after signing a P1.5-billion deal
  8. Hong Kong-flagged cargo vessel MV Vienna Wood collided with FV Liberty 5 about 27 kilometers off Mamburao town in Mindoro Occidental, 14 people missing
  9. 효린 — 턴어라운드, 내일할래


It’s day 22 of the rewrites. This one I want to get over with today because I’m reading book. I have no words to explain why that is a reason but that is the reason.

I am not in the mood to delve into further bovine scatology in this post, so this one would go meta. I do not have intrusive thoughts that need dumping, because I had a good sleep.

Since I do not have anything to write about, the easy choice is to write about what I have already written. I try not to read my earlier posts. But before writing this I had to muck around the CMS settings to limit entries displayed in the homepage. So I had time to skim through some of the stuff. What a snoozefest! The use of the word fest around what I wrote even as sarcasm is an insult to the word.

But that’s the point. Normalcy is when nothing interesting happens. This writing exercise is a garbage dump. If there’s something valuable in the trash, why is it there? The purpose is to make space for any runoff process not garbage-collected by the brain. Writing it down kills it.

Timer’s up. Enough for today.

So much for not reading what you wrote, self that’s younger by a couple dozen days.

Some things I noticed 02/15/2020:
  1. Saliency-Aware Video Cropping
  2. Music Transformer machine-learning generated tune
  3. Reads more like MI5 is staffing.
  4. Streisand caused the effect named after her
  5. Impossible beyond meat
  6. The northern apes already won
  7. Half yellow half red half black
  8. MinPop 2020
  9. An explanation exists for this interview.
  10. You do so much yoga.