Some things I noticed 09/20/2020:
  1. Proclamation 1021 extending the period of state of calamity in the Philippines until September 12, 2021
  2. the Great Red Spot now measures about 15 800 kilometres across, big enough to swallow the Earth. The super-storm is still shrinking
  3. Extreme distance cuts both ways.” “All those allies would be absolutely key.” “In pure game theory, US would be better off seeking war.
  4. plenty of nations have voluntarily limited their territorial seas to avoid conflict, sometimes concessions can strengthen national security
  5. Health monitoring and provincial care system had 1 million volunteers. Good for one is good for all. Adversity reveals a nation’s character.
  6. The Filipino people should be thankful to these countries for supporting the arbitral award and ensuring that the rule of law will prevail
  7. Feelin’ A-LIVE — A Virtual Table Read of Fast Times at Ridgemont High
  8. how do you catch the winds of luck?
  9. A neighbor asked for a tomato.
  10. Makita rebar tier


— マクゴナガル先生, ダンブルドア
Some things I noticed 08/14/2020:
  1. The cost of perfection is infinite.
  2. Sa tingin ko po, dahil marami silang hindi pupuwedeng pulaan sa Thailand, pinulaan na lang nila tayo” 😂
  3. if a fancy Andromeda alien is viewing us with a telescope right now, it’s seeing a bunch of Australopithecus walking around being unappealing
  4. Many of us have intentions, but they’re very weak. You got to move from goal intentions to implementation intentions. You don’t have to think.
  5. The kernel-mode ISR looks in EAX and calls the specified kernel-mode function if all parameters passed from user-mode appears to be correct.
  6. The legend goes that whoever sees the trees making love either die or go blind.
  7. Pilipinas Shell to shut Tabangao refinery as pandemic slashes margins
  8. China hires over 100 TSMC engineers in push for chip leadership
  9. UPeepz Dances to “Bebot” by Black Eyed Peas
  10. King Gnu – 白日

Some things I noticed 04/29/2020:
  1. “Proclivi scriptioni praestat ardua”— the more difficult reading is preferable to the easier one
  2. Elementary, my dear Watson. (or colloq. “No sh*t, Sherlock.”)
  3. ‘Tis folly to look solely at facticity and not transcendence. First steps never firm.
  4. This is one of those fundamental protocol pieces that you need to start building terahertz networks.
  5. you don’t actually need to have a particularly competent or functional government to do terrible things
  6. Could have been better argued if both took turns gathering thoughts, but alas, social media is a mud pit (easily distracted by aliens).
  7. “I know it’s hard, but when you’re done with it, you’re gonna be the one who did it
  8. She’s a casualty just as much as anyone else who has died.
  9. 素晴らしいです。ファンになりました。
  10. Hintayan ng Langit
  11. Inang Wika

Some things I noticed 03/14/2020:
  1. Oriental Mindoro COVID-19 Executive Order
  2. “might be US army who brought epidemic to Wuhan” – PRC MFA Spox
  3. lex talionis
  4. downside to socialism
  5. “Un Gobierno insensato es una anomalía en un pueblo virtuoso. Tal pueblo, tal Gobierno.” – Rizal
  6. German tale of Godfather Death and his doctor godson
  7. works as designed
  8. India IT boom started with Y2K, “antiquated” curriculum began with COBOL, perfect to deal with legacy code
  9. LiSA – unlasting
  10. サイコパス!