Some things I noticed 04/23/2020:
  1. How tightly knit is any person’s selfhood across time?
  2. The ES-MAML approach updates the policy based solely on the sum of rewards collected by the agent in the environment.”
  3. The MegaVac Mechanical Thrombectomy System by Capture Vascular
  4. Anh, Minh, and Jun
  5. I think I might be infected” 🤣
  6. y por eso quizás yo la miraré finalmente
  7. Planet of the Humans
    • “desperate measures not to save the planet, but to save our way of life”
    • “we have to have our abilities to consume reined in”
    • “and once we run through the animals, what’s next?”
    • “it’s not the carbon dioxide molecule destroying the planet”