After yesterday’s entry I tried writing something more deliberate and structured, allotted twice the amount of time as what I use with this, but I was not able to come up with anything I liked. That’s usual of course, this daily writing exercise the unusual one, writing for its own sake and not necessarily about anything.

(More specifically, I was attempting to convert a draft poem to a sonnet. Apparently I have forgotten how to rhyme it’s sad. ababcdcdefefgg duh-Duh x5)

Maybe I should just pick something out of the some things I noticed section and elaborate on that. I mean, like, just before starting to write this thing, I watched this video about biofabrication.

I get the point, the world needs novel methods to make more stuff, ideally with less energy and environmentally harmful byproducts. My two thoughts after watching the video: One, this sounds like the beginning of every zombie movie ever. Two, wow now forced labor in Uzbekistan currently harnessed towards cotton harvest will be diverted to something else.

On second thought, new technologies are always expensive, so the Uzbeks won’t be out of their jobs yet for a while. Not that they earn anything by it.

Enough for today.

Some things I noticed 01/14/2020:
  1. Latch. Anything Kenton Chen anytime, really.
  2. It’s end of support for Windows 7 today. Whoah.
  3. PS. This post is so meh I was able to watch 1. within the time limit with four minutes to spare.