“Ang pangarap ko, kung ako’y inyong tatanungin, ay makita ang isa sa aking mga kababayan na nakapagsulat ng isang dalikang pilosopikong akda sa [wikang] Filipino na titingalain sa ibáng bansa at magkakaroon ng saysay upang maisalin sa ibáng mga wika. Dahil dito, ang Filipino ay hindî na ituturing na di-kilalang dila at ang diwang Filipino ay matatanyag bílang isa sa mga pinakamahusay.”

— Romualdo E. Abulad, “Kant for Filipinos” (salin ni Emmanuel C. de Leon)

aléatoire 文法練習
  • 「かな」
    • 含意が知ることが出来るかな。
  • 「も」
    • 一回も自転車の事故はない。
  • 「おう」
    • 宇宙人が会うつもりで宇宙に行こう。
    • おもちゃの兵隊の電池を含もう。
Some things I noticed 05/14/2020:
  1. “People who once upon a time command civil office, now restrains itself for just two things: bread and circuses” – Juvenal
  2. can’t even fight in peace anymore without being a Jeff Goldblum doppelgänger on the net 🤣
  3. On Thomas Piketty’s Capital and Ideology
    • “Under typical conditions, the rate of return on wealth exceeds the economy’s rate of growth”
    • “It is bleak to imagine that the most clearly-proved way of reducing inequality is to have a gigantic world war”
    • “I insist that the realm of ideas, the political-ideological sphere, is truly autonomous”
    • “wealth claims can easily be established in areas that have no clear relationship to production at all”
  4. On Barry Gewen’s The Inevitability of Tragedy re: Henry Kissinger
    • “Only if you do not ‘calculate’ will you really have the freedom which distinguishes you from the little people.”
    • “victors ransacked history for analogies to gild their triumphs, while the vanquished sought out the historical causes of their misfortune”
  5. If you hesitate a single day, our daily clock may stop for a month.
  6. If deflation becomes embedded in the economy, it can be difficult to uproot
  7. What happened to him? He just stepped aside and we don’t see him anymore.
  8. Dolores Abernathy sings to Clementine Pennyfeather’s piano playing
  9. Rodrigo y Gabriela: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert
  10. Superman – Goldfinger

aléatoire 文法練習
  • 「そういう」
    • そういう態度は保守主義で典型的だ。
  • 「こういう」
    • こういう例文は少なかった派手だね。
  • 「ああいう」
    • ああいう言葉が使うことは簡単じゃない。
  • 「どういう」
    • どういうことだってばよ!
    • どういう動物だこの政府は
  • 「また」
    • 記述はまた読みなさい。
    • また誰かの口に臭そう。
  • 「みたい」
    • 自由があるから変人みたいに生きてきる。
    • このお菓子の形は管みたいな体に玉みたいな頭があんるだ。
Some things I noticed 05/05/2020:
  1. Imaginary interest rates
  2. Euler’s crazy pi formula generator
  3. “Because work is a duty, and a man should not receive wages in proportion to what he has produced, but to his virtue as exemplified by his industry.”
  4. 国から1人に10万円出すことが決まった 外国人ももらえる
  5. Psshh. Amateurs.
  6. Her family are f-ed up in that way that gives posh people something to write plays about, and gets other people visits by social services
  7. Why do people in North Korea draw the straightest lines?
  8. “So many of my memories were ugly, but the things I held unto until the end weren’t the ugly ones. I choose to see the beauty.” – Dolores, Westworld S03E08
  9. antiadoptionist, antidocetic, antiseparationist, theologically motivated alterations of the text in Bart Ehrman’s Misquoting Jesus Chapter 6
  10. Young Taimane

Some things I noticed 04/21/2020:
  1. all we are ever able to do, it seems
  2. “the biggest threat has emerged in the form of America’s government
  3. “Sovereign currency issuers can conjure up unlimited funds, poor countries cannot. Their debts are foreign.”
  4. police will never come inside a private property unless invited by the owner or administrator”
  5. Bad call on the part of the poet. Sarcasm presupposes wit. Vastly overestimated her audience.
  6. In some abstract sense, the difference between Riemann integral and Lebesgue integral is like that between SQL and NoSQL.
  7. On the contrary, by producing endless “entertainment”, one could say “the West” rather prepared well
  8. The One That Goes Behind The Scenes
  9. “Their friendship provides a thin, wobbly dramatic peg, but just enough for Mr. O’Toole to show the younger guys out there how the thing is done properly.”
  10. Decoherence
    • “Humanity is a thin layer of bacteria on a ball of mud hurtling through the void.”
    • “You’re here along with the rest of us to speed the entropic death of this planet. To service the chaos. We’re maggots eating a corpse.”

Some things I noticed 04/08/2020:
  1. How viruses are classified
  2. it trivially follows” 🤣
  3. “Estamos trabajando para que haya un ingreso mínimo vital lo antes posible
  4. El ingreso mínimo vital es una medida estructural, permanente”
  5. Lũpḁ Gang Gang Quartet – Chair Hall
  6. It’s only when the tide goes out that you learn who’s been swimming naked.”
  7. “Are you free and evil, or blameless and helplessly enslaved?” – Westworld S03E04
  8. I Petaus, the village scribe, have submitted this.
  9. I wonder if it would not be better if you did.
  10. Tool for satellite-gazing